Scholarships and Designated Giving

Today, many promising students face a difficult decision when their choice to attend St. SWAG视频 University might burden their families with thousands of dollars in debt. Many St. SWAG视频 alumni and friends agree that assisting these worthy students is one of the most rewarding investments they will ever make.

  • Endowed scholarships provide financial aid for students (College for Women, College for Adults, and Graduate College programs) into perpetuity. To be most beneficial, language controlling the endowment's distribution should be specific and flexible.
  • The donor determines who will benefit: a student in a specific program or major, with financial need or with high academic standing.

Naming a Scholarship

  • A donor may establish a scholarship in the donor's name or the name of another individual whom the donor wants to honor or memorialize.
  • The donor describes the honoree with words that will live on in the University's history. The honoree will inspire the students who receive the award.
  • The University encourages the donor to attach a photo of the honoree, scanned or printed, with the honoree's description.

Funding a Scholarship

  • Currently, a gift of $50,000 will endow a named scholarship. Donors may make a one-time or multiple-year gift to achieve the endowment level. Donors may also create or add to named scholarships through estate gifts.
  • The University awards the first scholarship one full year after the fund reaches endowment level.
  • The original donor or others may make additional contributions to an endowed scholarship with lifetime or estate gifts.
  • Donor-restricted endowed scholarship funds are recorded as permanently restricted assets of the University.

The Fund Agreement

  • The donor enters into a fund agreement with St. SWAG视频 University. This agreement directs the endowment's management and distribution into perpetuity.
  • The original donor of the fund, with the consent of the University, may amend the fund agreement in the future with respect to the scholarship's distribution processes, but the fund may not be changed from an endowed fund.
  • The University provides an endowment stewardship report annually to the endowment fund's primary donor. The report contains investment performance of the fund, the beneficiary(ies) who received scholarship assistance from the fund and current news about the University.


  • The University recognizes donors who establish endowed scholarships and those who contribute $50,000 by enrolling them in the Mother Antonia McHugh Society.
  • The University recognizes donors who contribute amounts less than $25,000 to a scholarship established by another donor as Friends of the Mother Antonia McHugh Society.
  • The University records the names of all donors to scholarship endowment funds as donors to the University in its Annual Report for the year in which the gift is received, unless the donor requests anonymity.

Donor Recognition

ADC Telecommunications Scholarship
Charles and Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation Scholarship
Alumnae Association Scholarship
Annunciation Endowed Fund for Needy Students
Barnett Family Scholarship
Joe Bartelme Memorial Scholarship
Phyllis A. Bartholomew Scholarship
Dr. John J. Beer Scholarship
Joan McHale Berners Scholarship
Albert and Barbara Boyce Biales Scholarship
Ann E. Biales Scholarship
Denise Ryan Bichsel Scholarship听
Leonard W. Bisanz Scholarship
SWAG视频 M. Blasena Memorial Scholarship
Sister Jeanne Marie Bonnett Scholarship
Helen E. Borski Scholarship
Boulger Family Scholarship
Sherwood P. Boyer Nursing Scholarship
Sister Mary William Brady Scholarship
Jacqueline Gibis Breher Award Fund
Ruth Haag Brombach Endowed Fund
Robert and Marjorie Tansey Bucher Scholarship
Sandra Kamman Butler Scholarship
Walter Butler Endowed Chemistry Scholarship
Molly Flynn Cade Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Viola Lang Campion Scholarship
Foley Ferron Canes Family Scholarship
Mary Mulloy Carmichael Memorial Scholarship
Gwendolyn Carlson Caron Scholarship
Dr. William C. Carroll Memorial Scholarship
Mary Helen Casey Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1963 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Scholarship
Jane Keefe Clifford Scholarship
Emily Cochran Scholarship
Connelly Family Nursing Scholarship
Regina Nolan Connors '30 Scholarship
Thomas P. and Helen Moore Coughlan Scholarship
Audrey Shirley Coulter Scholarship
Sister Francesca Crank Memorial Scholarship
James W. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
John and Katherine Pieters Daniels Scholarship
Kathleen M. Daniels Scholarship
Michael Blaine Davis Scholarship for Respiratory Therapy
Hugh Derham Scholarship
Arthur P. and Mae D. Dienhart Scholarship
Charlotte Dienhart Scholarship
Helene Dillon Scholarship
Doctor of Physical Therapy Scholarship
Mary Frances McKenna Doyle Scholarship
David and Sara Emerson Endowed Achievement Award
Mary Kuszewski Evert Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Elizabeth H. Farrell Scholarship
Teresa and Peter Ferrando Memorial Scholarship
Jocelyn Curtis Findorff Scholarship
establishment of the Janice Fiola Scholarship
Barbara Kueppers Fitzpatrick Scholarship
Dr. M.C. and Winnifred Donnelly Flaten Scholarship
Sister Jane Margaret Flemming and Dr. Richard and Glenda Huston Scholarship
John E. and Stella Farrell Flynn Family Memorial Scholarship
Sister James Agnes Fogarty Home Economics Scholarship
Jane Frank and Jean Frank Marquette Class of 1964 Nursing and Gerontology Scholarship
Katherine Buuck Fratzke Endowed Interpreting Scholarship
Mabel Meta Frey Endowed Award Fund
Frics Family Scholarship
Barbara Rose Frommel Memorial Fund听
Ann M. Gallagher Scholarship
Gardner/Gross Scholarship
Barbara Gaughan Scholarship
Gelinas Scholarship
Laura Lee Geraghty Scholarship
Mae and James Gibbons Scholarship
Sister Marie James Gibbons Scholarship
Sister Seraphim Gibbons Scholarship
Joseph F. and Rose Cashman Gillach Scholarship
Dr. Edmund C. and Hyacinthe Felix Goblirsch Scholarship
Goulet Scholarship
John and Patricia Simms Gries Endowed Leadership Award Fund
Audrey C. Grubbs Endowed Music Scholarship
Helen Gruchalla Scholarship
Leo and Laura Krush Gruchalla Home Economics Scholarship
Lois Jeanne Gruenenfelder Scholarship
William J. Haag Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Tomke Hackl Scholarship
Sally Kreher Haik Scholarship
Sister Marie Philip Haley Scholarship
Hathaway World Languages and Cultures Scholarship
Roslyn M. Healy Nursing Scholarship
Sister Mary Edward Healy Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
Professor Suzanne Hendricks FCNS Scholarship Award Fund
Dorraine Hennen Johnson and Julitta and Alois Hennen Memorial Scholarship
Teresa Hennes Scholarship for Business Majors
Evelyn Othellia Hennessy Scholarship
Joanne Kucera Hense Scholarship
Robert Bennet Henton Scholarship
Marguerite Hessian Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mary Hill Scholarship
Marie M. Hodapp Scholarship
Sister Alberta Huber Intercultural Fund endowment
Alice and Genevieve Huisenfeldt Scholarship
Archbishop John Ireland Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mother Seraphine Ireland Scholarship
Elizabeth Dorthea Jacob Scholarship
Anne Boortz Jilek Scholarship
Douglas W. and Patricia Anne Johnson Scholarship
Sister Marie Inez Johnson Scholarship
Helen Steinfort Jordan Scholarship
Marylyn Dolan Joseph Endowed Award for Creative Writing
Sister Teresita Judd Scholarship
Sophia Brough Kampfer Scholarship
Kathleen Westby Kasprick '91 and Lyle Kasprick Endowed Academic Scholarship
Katherine Keegan Scholarship
Agnes E. Keenan Endowed Award Fund
Henry Keffeler Scholarship
Anne Dolan Kelly Scholarship
James L. and Anne Dolan Kelly Scholarship
Joan Kelly Scholarship
Marie Kearns Kelly Scholarship
Patrick and Jane Cole Kennelly Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Moroney Kenney Scholarship
Harold and Madeleine Kinney Scholarship
Dr. Thomas J. Kinsella Memorial Scholarship
Anne Volberding Kirchgessner Memorial Scholarship
Jeanette Buczynski Kissinger Holistic Health Scholarship
Marcella M. Klasen Scholarship
Katherine E. Klaus Scholarship
Kathryn T. Kotula Scholarship
Judith Gorman Krieger Scholarship Award Fund
Lorraine Witt Krump Scholarship
Grace Schreiber Krusemark Scholarship
Susanne Clifford Kuhn Scholarship
Ursula M. and Felix Otto Kvasnicka Scholarship
William B. Lahiff Scholarship Award Fund
Marcelle LaMonte Scholarship for the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health
Mary Sands Landis Scholarship
Murray Lang Scholarship
Earnie and Paula Bendry Larsen Scholarship
Lucille Bettenburg Laughlin Memorial Prize Fund endowment
Kathleen F. Leary Scholarship
Helen B. Lemmer Award in honor of Mother Antonia McHugh
Ellen Grism Lenertz Scholarship
Clement and Elma Lessard Memorial Scholarship
Sister Eleanor Lincoln Scholarship
Marcella Ruhr Linde '46 Nursing Scholarship and Access and Success Endowed Fund
Sister Agnes Rita Lingl Scholarship
Margaret Williams Linstroth Scholarship
Helen C. Lo Scholarship
Peter Lupori Scholarship
Gertrude A. Malloy Scholarship
Master of Library and Information Science Scholarship and Award Fund
Margaret Heinen Matheny Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie Mathison Hance Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement
Francis T. McCahill Scholarship & Athlete of the Year Award
Louis McCahill Memorial Scholarship
Mary E. McCahill Memorial Endowed Prize Fund
Dr. Donovan L. McCain Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Abigail O'Leary-Abigail Quigley McCarthy Scholarship
Sister Jerome McCarthy Scholarship
John V. and Linita Menzner McDonald Scholarship
Virginia Claessens McDonald and William J. McDonald Scholarship
Mother Antonia McHugh Scholarship
McMullen Scholarship
Donna B. McNamara Scholarship
Sister SWAG视频 McNamee Scholarship
John R. McQuillan Scholarship
Mieseler Memorial Scholarship
Mock Family Scholarship
Lorraine and Bernard Morgan Scholarship
Rebecca Newell Morison Scholarship
Mary Alice Muellerleile Weekend College Scholarship
Frank and Corinne Mulcahy Scholarship
Thomas Ryan Mulcahy Scholarship
Sister Mary Mulheron Endowed Ministry Award Fund
Edgar S. Gage/Rosemary Gage Murphy Endowed Science Scholarship
Ruth O'Donnell Nachtsheim Scholarship
Sister Mary Henry Nachtsheim Memorial Scholarship
Lorraine Majerus Nadler Southern California Scholarship
Joseph A. and Evaleen E. Neufeld Scholarship
Ben and Vigil Nilles Educational Fund scholarship endowment
Edith Montavon Nowicki Scholarship
Gerard J. Obert, M.D. and Mary Ellen Newton Obert, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
O'Brien Scholarship for Native American Students
Helen O'Connell Memorial Endowed Fund
Richard and Esther Erbes O'Connell, Patricia O'Connell McKeown, and Joseph J. Rebovich Scholarship
Oedbauer Family Scholarship
Chris D. Olson Memorial Scholarship
Helen and Vern Olson Presidential Scholarship
Dr. Clement P. O'Neill Scholarship
O'Shaughnessy Scholars Scholarship
Mary McMahon Owens Scholarship
Pampusch Family Scholarship
Parlin Family Social Justice Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anita M. Pampusch Presidential Scholarship
William E. Parnell Scholarship
Alfred F. Pecher Scholarship
Sister Helen Margaret Peck Scholarship
Lucile M. and Leonard E. Powderly Scholarship
Prendergast Scholarship
Elizabeth C. Quinlan Scholarship
Henrietta Schmoll Rauenhorst Scholarship
Reader's Digest Foundation Scholarship
Willetta Reber Scholarship
J. Peter and Mary McFarland Ritten Scholarship
Lois and John Rogers Scholarship
Nancy Green Ronhovde Scholarship
Patricia Bohen Rowley Scholarship
Laura Mae Karp Rudeen Scholarship
Margaret C. Ryan Scholarship
Mary Patricia Ryan Scholarship
No脙芦l Ryan Scholarship
Sarah Thompson Schmid & William P. Foley III Scholarship
Sarah Thompson Schmid Memorial Scholarship
Eraine Ste Marie Schmit Scholarship
Sally Habiger Schriver Memorial Scholarship
Schultz-O'Leary Scholarship
Sister Bartholomew Schwab Memorial Fund
Amy Marie Sears '95 Memorial Scholarship
Lynn Howard Seeland Scholarship
Grace Severson Memorial Scholarship
Margaret Mulcahy Shaw Scholarship
Sandra Burich Sheedy Scholarship
Jo Anne Shekleton Scholarship for the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health
Sudmeier Scholarship
Mary Jo Kisch Skaggs Scholarship
Charlotte Hill Slade Scholarship
Sister Jacqueline Slater Scholarship
Peter and Mary Rogers Sluka Endowed Scholarship for Justice and Peace
Earle Clement Smith Memorial Endowed Award Fund
Harold J. and Margarette M. Sneller Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Spaeth and Susanne Spaeth Dougherty Scholarship
Billie-Rita Rhodes Spellman Memorial Scholarship
St. Anne Scholarship听
St. SWAG视频 of Alexandria Scholarship
St. Elizabeth Scholarship听
St. Joseph Scholarship
Norma J. Steinke Scholarship
Angela Debevec Stenger Scholarship
Bill and Penny Donovan Stenger Scholarship
Sister Mary SWAG视频 Stensrud Scholarship
Virginia C. Stoffel Occupational Therapy Leadership Award Endowment
Judi Druke Teske Scholarship
Loyola Brinckmann Thiltgen Scholarship
Sister Mary Thompson Scholarship
Mike and Patti Bluml Timmons Scholarship
Katherine Bakula Tinker and Steven J. Tinker Scholarship
Francis M. and Lorraine Sullivan Tompkins Scholarship
Penny Savino Tropman and John Tropman Scholarship
Tschida Scholarship
Bonnie Hyland Umeh Excellence In Leadership Scholarship
Urban Library Scholarship
Joan Burns Villella and Patricia Blassingham Villella Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Helen M. Wagner Scholarship
Grace Walsh Scholarship
Mary B. Pearson Walsh and James Walsh Scholarship
Marie Collins Ward Scholarship
Vivian O'Gara Weyerhaeuser Endowed Music Scholarship
Whitby Scholarship
Mary S. Wimber Scholarship
Barbara Probst Wollan Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Sister Mary Davida Wood Endowed Music Scholarship
William T. and Eleanor A. Wooden Scholarship
Mary Louise Wright Scholarship
Mary Jane Young Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie Wade Zenker Scholarship