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Your future now has a


You are here. You want to get there.
Here鈥檚 your plan.

Deciding on a college is a big decision.  And the next few years will hold even more exciting choices.

COMPASS is a set of resources that streamline the path toward your degree with direction and purpose. It will help you design and navigate your own amazing opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom. These experiences will direct your academic journey and cultivate your unique goals, such as starting a career, launching your own business, or creating a greater sense of purpose in your life.

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Discover Yourself

Begin navigating your journey by identifying your strengths, exploring your career interests, and reflecting on self-exploration exercises.

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Find Your People
Make connections through community work, learning experiences, and internships that widen your network and strengthen your sense of belonging.

"I would tell an incoming student that it's okay not to know exactly what you want to do. In my experience, St. Kate鈥檚 has really helped me through that process and everything has fallen into place.鈥

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Victoria Delgado-Palma '23

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Amplify Your Impact

Broaden your perspective with collaborative research, the Katie Leadership Impact, or taking advantage of study abroad opportunities.

Emerge with Purpose and Meaning

Continue life-long learning by putting your experiences into real-world action. Secure an internship, apply for graduate school and prepare for employment in your final year.

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Jocelyn Yang '21

"I chose St. Kate鈥檚 because at the time, they had the only fashion program centered around sustainability. Through the Community Leaders program, I interned for the St. Paul Public Library, teaching people to sew. I loved that I could really connect with the community. Here, professors take the time to help their students. If I needed anything or was struggling to find a job opening, the professors helped.鈥

Lead and Transform

COMPASS will help you build the skills to make an impact on your community, workplace, and society through a social justice lens.
At St. SWAG视频 University, you'll learn how to become an ethical, effective, and enduring leader.